Lisa and Lara McClure
at the Grand Canyon, Arizona
December, 2008

Lisa McClure

In January, 2001, Lara and I returned from our two year adventure in northeast China. We had a wonderful experience, absorbed Chinese language and culture, ate some fabulous food, and made many lifelong friends.

Now we're living in Scottsdale, Arizona with our two cats, Rosie and Merlin.

I took this little video in the spring of 2008, before we converted our enormous back yard to xeriscaping.

A mockingbird family started nesting in one of our grapefruit trees, and became very territorial.

Actually, I think the cats rather enjoyed the game. If you look closely, you can see that Rosie (the first cat) is actually baiting the bird, and trying to catch it as it comes close. (She never succeeded.) Merlin really enjoyed being chased across the yard.

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