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Lara's Bunny

March 6, 1998

As you might expect, our lives are in a bit of an uproar these days. I got an offer on my house for my full asking price, just about a week after I put it up for sale. I hadn't even finished cleaning up the place yet. Although it's a bit sad to leave such a beautiful area, mostly I'm just glad the sale seems to be going so smoothly. Unless we hit a snag, I'll be loading up my U-Haul truck and moving out on April 10th.

If only the China job were going as well! First I heard through the grapevine that I'd gotten the job, but when the official word finally came through last week, they said they'd hired somebody already living in Beijing. So, it looks as if I'm going to have to send out a few more resumes, and plan to camp out a bit around here until I can line up something else in China.

I sent Lara down to live with her Grandma in Arizona for the month of March, while I pack up the house and try to squeeze in some more billable hours around here. I expected to miss her, but was a bit surprised at how depressed I felt the first couple of days. Since then, we've been talking daily on the phone. It's clear that Lara's have a great time playing out in the desert, so I'm feeling a bit better about that. And she's talking better and better every day.

Still, I can't wait until my baby comes home again.

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