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My brother Larry, and his dog, Pizza
My brother, Larry, and his dog, Pizza

March 18, 1998

I've got to confess that I haven't spent much time thinking about our upcoming move to China during the past few weeks. Instead, my thoughts have been focussed on Arizona.

The Colorado winters have been getting harder and harder for my parents to tolerate these past few years. Finally, this winter it became too much for them to bear, so they took a few landseeking trips, and recently bought 70 acres of desert land east of Tucson, Arizona.

My mother drove down on the first of March to get a storage building put up and a septic system installed for the trailer that came with the land. Since she's Lara's primary caretaker, I sent Lara down to live with her while I stay home and pack up the house and work.

It's been a lonely couple of weeks for me, despite talking with Lara on the phone every day. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore, so I took a long weekend and drove 860 miles down to visit her. My brother, Larry, came along with me so he could have a good look at the new family ranch.

View of thr Arizona trailer

We had a great time exploring the land, and siting dream homes to build. Larry has been a fort builder ever since he was a kid, and he was as excited as I have seen him in years, planning where he'll dig his swimming pool and install his septic system. Lara and I, neither of whom are very clingy people normally, spent a lot of time holding hands and playing together.

It was definitely hard for me to say goodbye to my baby at the end of the weekend. My mother and Lara won't be coming back home until the end of the month. I've promised myself that after they return I won't be separated from Lara again, even if it means that we spend the next few months dogging my mother's heels.

Larry and I returned home a couple of days ago. I didn't want to leave Arizona, and today I'm especially wishing I'd been able to stay down there, since we're buried under a ton of snow -- nearly two feet already, and it's still snowing. My 40 minute drive home from the office took 3 hours this afternoon! Living in the desert is sounding better and better!

P.S. I haven't forgotten about China. I am just temporarily sidetracked. Since I most likely can't get a job in China organized before the summer heat sets in, I'm not in any hurry to go before next September. At least I can count on air conditioning in Arizona.

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