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Lara shovelling snow
Lara shovelling snow on her last morning in Pine Junction, Colorado

Goodbye to shovelling snow!
Goodbye to shovelling snow!"

No slackers here!
No slackers here!"

April 18, 1998

Well, Lara and I are officially homeless now!

For weeks, I've been throwing out and packing up 15 years worth of wanton accumulation, but even so, it wasn't certain that I'd get the house emptied out on schedule. The house sale went through without a hitch, though, and with my family's help, I was able to get everything packed up and put into the U-Haul on schedule.

It was bittersweet leaving my mountain home. I've got a lot of happy memories there. But at the same time, I'm more than ready for a change. I think it was a good omen that it snowed every day of move out week, because it definitely helped remind me why we're leaving!

After packing up my rental truck, Lara and I helped pack a second U-Haul full of my parents' stuff. Then, on Friday evening, we all left together in convoy for Arizona. I drove one U-Haul, following my father who drove the other one, and my mother took up the rear with Lara, in her pickup truck.

Lisa and all her stuff

We arrived at my parents' Arizona ranch late Sunday morning. Just as we drove onto their land, my mother saw a brightly colored gila monster sunning itself in their drive. I think that there are some places where you're better off keeping your shoes on, and my parents' land is definitely one of them!

The weather was sunny and absolutely beautiful, and luckily, my parents had arranged for some help unloading our trucks into the storage space. The cactus flowers were all in bloom, and I can definitely see why my parents are so fond of this land. I just wish it could be this pleasant all summer long!

The next morning, after we returned the rental trucks, we explored Tucson, and visited the very impressive Desert Museum west of town. The area is incredibly beautiful, and just covered with enormous Saguaro cactus!

Later that week, we drove home together in my mother's pickup. We got back to Denver just in time to get caught up in the evening rush hour traffic just as a wet spring snowstorm was blowing through. Yes, I'd definitely say that we're making the right decision to move along south.

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