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Lara and Cameron
Lara and her new friend, Cameron, in Indiana

April 30, 1998

Happy Birthday to me! I'm 39 today, and I really don't feel nearly as old as that sounds.

After we returned to Denver, Lara and I piled into my little Toyota and drove back across town to my brother, Larry's house. He's married, and his wife's sister and her 1 year old daughter, Tyler, have been living with them for the past couple of years. Oh year, and a teenaged neighbor kid has also been staying with them for some months.

However, he hadn't told his wife that he'd agreed that Lara and I could stay with them, so our arrival was scheduled as a bit of a surprise for his household. Nobody twitched a muscle, however, when we showed up on their doorstep with all our stuff, so we kept on smiling and started shifting our stuff into the spare room.

Staying with my brother isn't exactly what I'd call luxury accommodations, but I figure that it's good practice for living in China, and definitely the price is right. (free) So, we're here to stay as long as we can stand it, or until we leave for China.

We'd only been Larry's houseguests for a few days when we flew off to visit a very dear friend of ours, met through the Internet, Kris Laughlin. She'd found my website, we got to know each other via e-mail, and then she came out to visit us last October. Ever since, we've been looking forward to visiting her in Indiana.

Kris is currently going through the process of adopting a baby from China, and she's got a tremendous website, Journey to China, documenting the entire process. Go have a peek. You definitely won't be disappointed.

So, Lara and I flew out to visit Kris, and we had a wonderful time. Kris has a huge circle of caring friends, all of them extremely excited about her baby-to-be. Our only regret about the trip was having to come home so soon, and we've promised to return again after Kris brings her baby home this summer.

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