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Lara's ready for adventure!
Lara's ready for adventure!

June 18, 1998

Lara and I have our own apartment now! We moved in just last weekend. Larry ended up buying 40 acres down in Arizona not so far away from my parents, and he and his entire tribe have moved down there. My parents closed down their office here, took another rental truck load of their stuff down to Arizona, and tell me they plan to spend the summer down there. So, Lara and I are finally on our own.

How shall I descibe our apartment? Well, to be perfectly honest, it's very small and very shabby, but I didn't want to spend any more money than I had to, and since we haven't got any furniture to speak of, there didn't seem much point in getting anything very big. It's a studio apartment, about 15 minutes from work, with one decent sized living/sleeping room, a tiny kitchen and small bathroom with a wonderfully spacious bathtub. But best of all, it's got air conditioning! Towards the end of our stay at Larry's house, I really began to think I was going to melt away from the heat. And despite the modesty of our new home, I have to say that in every respect, it's a major step up in comfort from where we've been living the past two months.

Actually, the place looks pretty decent. We've got our futon to sleep on, and my parents have given us a roomful of cast off furniture that we can use this summer, and then sell or throw out when we leave for China in the fall. For a couple of vagabonds, I think we're doing pretty well.

Lara started daycare a couple of weeks ago. She's been for a week or so every few months for the past year, so she knows the place, and is thrilled to be back in 'school' again.

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