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July 12, 1998

This year has been incredibly hectic. I hope Lara and I will get a chance to catch our breaths and adjust a little bit before we leave for another new life in China!

I left off my last entry talking about Lara's new start in daycare. She's an incredibly outgoing and sociable kid, so there was only one thing I worried about -- kid diseases! By the end of the first week, Lara was starting a cold, one she was very generous about sharing with me. But we survived, and I suppose it must have made us stronger, because we didn't die.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, Lara went in for day surgery to have her left Trigger Thumb fixed. She had the right thumb fixed last October, so we had a good idea of what she would be facing, and weren't very concerned about it. Surgery was on a Thursday morning, and as I had expected, on Friday Lara was well enough to go back to daycare.

So, I was very concerned to get a call Friday afternoon that Lara wasn't feeling well and had a fever. By the time I got Lara to the doctor's office, her temperature had soared to 105 degrees and she was in a state of complete hysteria! Luckily, the pediatric team got her fever down quickly and Lara returned to her normal happy self, but I was sure that it had to be related to her surgery the day before.

But I was wrong. Turns out that she just had another one of those kid diseases -- a particularly bad case of Cox-Sackie, complete with horrible sores all over mouth and throat. I wasn't able to send her back to school until the following Thursday. Well, at least neither of us spent too much time worrying about her thumb and by the time she got well, it was all healed up too.

It's times like these when I realize just how much we'll miss our family when we're living halfway around the world. But I'm glad it happened while we're still here. I went to the pharmacy and stocked up on additional medications for Lara.

The one constant in my life right now, besides Lara, is the community I belong to on the Internet. Nearly all of my friends are people I've met through the China adoption lists. I've never met most of them in person. But somehow that doesn't seem to make any difference. In my mind's eye I can see each of them through their posts, and they seem like old friends to me.

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