Lisa McClure's China Diary

January 11, 1999

Well, I'm very pleased to announce that Lara and I have gotten our passports back from the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, complete with our 'Z' visas, good for one year!

I had been a little concerned about potential problems, and of course, we can't leave without our visas. So, I called Joshua over at CCAI, and he was able to refer me to the CCAI travel agent, Janet of JC Travel, in San Francisco. She was absolutely delightful, and was able to get the visas for us without any trouble at all. I feel sure that without her help, we might well have had some serious problems. This process really reminded me how important personal relationships are in China for getting problems solved and things accomplished.

I also have discovered that Joshua and his wife, Lily, are from Liaoning province, and Joshua says that he may even pay Lara and me a visit in Jinzhou, when he travels to China in a few months!

We also have our airplane tickets. We got a super deal through and will be flying on China Eastern Airlines from Los Angeles to Beijing on February 24, 1999. The one way fare for the both of us came to $572, including taxes!

The only hurdle that remains for us here in Colorado is to sell the car. I am hoping to get it advertised, and maybe even sold this week. No doubt my next post will be to regale you with that tale.

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