Lisa McClure's China Diary

April 19, 1999 Lara and I went on our first outing yesterday to Bi Jia Shan. Leyah, one of the freshman students, invited us to come with about 40 of her classmates.

Bi Jia Shan is located about an hour away from Jinzhou along the coast of the Bohai Gulf. Because the students wanted to arrive early enough to see the sun rise over the small mountain, we arranged to leave school at 3:30am.

In China, most buildings are watched by a caretaker, and at the guesthouse the front door is kept locked during the night. So, the evening before we were to leave on this outing, I asked a friend to explain to the night caretaker that we would need to be let out early the next morning. He, in turn, requested that we get official permission to leave early from the FAO (Foreign Affairs Office), which we did.

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