Lisa McClure's China Diary

September 12, 2000

We're enjoying a beautiful full moon and wonderfully balmy weather this evening here in Jinzhou, China. During the past few days, several of our friends have given us beautiful boxes of mooncakes. Many more have asked us whether we like mooncakes, and by giving ruthlessly honest answers, I've been able to stave off dozens more, I'm sure.

Perhaps mooncakes are an acquired taste. I think that in many ways, they are like Christmas fruitcakes, filled with tradition and happy memories, and far too many heavy, tasteless, sweet calories. But they overwhelm the marketplace at this time of year, purchased in great quantity, passed around, given as gifts, and eaten eventually, I suppose, in sort of a culinary game of musical chairs, by those who are stuck with them at the end of the festival.

Lara and I were invited to several Mid-Autumn parties held for the students at our school this evening, so I took full advantage of the opportunity, and bundled up our collection of mooncakes, and took them to the parties and left them there. Now safely back home again, and in for the evening with the door locked, I think that perhaps we'll manage to finish up the holiday with all our mooncakes gone to more deserving homes than ours!

As we came outside after the party, we saw the beautiful harvest moon in the southeast sky, and I couldn't help but burst into a chorus of 'Harvest Moon'. This evening, I am thinking of my family and friends, and I send you all good wishes for a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival. As the full moon travels westward through the sky toward your homes, Lara and I wish you all a very Happy Mid-Autumn Holiday!

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