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  • Jinzhou Resources Would you like to live and teach in Jinzhou? This page provides the information you need. It even includes today's weather in Jinzhou!

    Teaching English/Living in China E-mail lists

  • TEFL China - Discusses teaching English as a foreign language in China, including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao: techniques, curriculums, materials, methods, TEFL books, teaching activities, class sizes, classroom management, levels, ages, teamwork, group work, logistics etc.

  • TEFL China Job - Discusses jobs and employment issues in teaching English as a foreign language in China, incl. Taiwan, HK & Macao. Share what you know about the teaching profession and employment issues!

  • TEFL China Life - Enjoying life as a teacher of English in China, including Taiwan, HK & Macao? Tell us one of your China stories!

  • China Families - Have you already have lived in China, are currently living in China, or are planning to come and live in China with your children? This group provides a place to share advice, questions, and suggestions about how to help our children benefit from their China experience.

    Jobs in China

  • The ELT Two Cents Cafe - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Teaching in China. Written by Susan Simerly, who taught at Liaoning Institute of Technology, where I taught for two years!

  • China TEFL Network - Lists ESL or EFL jobs in all the provinces in China.

  • TEFL - China Tea House - A community web site for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in China. You can subscribe to the dynamic and frequently helpful TEFL e-mail lists from this website.

  • Dave's ESL Jobs Cafe - Lots of actual teaching jobs advertised on this site. Do a search on 'China'. This site also provides links to other China job resources on the web.

  • Job Selection Advice - provides good background information and advice for those interested in teaching in China

  • International Community in China (ICIC): Resources for foreigners living and working in China. Includes Jobs Offered/Wanted listings

    Some other China Adventures:

  • Thompson Trio in China Karen Thompson, with her two pre-school daughters, is in Jinzhou, teaching at LIT, where I taught.

  • Chuck in China Chuck has been teaching English in Jinzhou and Suzhou. His Jinzhou chapters encouraged me to come to Jinzhou.

  • Bathtub Revolutionary by Tom Bradley, with ruminations about his teaching experience back in 1989 in northeast China.

  • Three Days in China by Rodney H. Clarken: Here's a very interesting story about an American teaching English in Sichuan province.

  • My China by Robert and Gail Westbook: Here's the contents page of another China Diary (Teaching in Beijing) that took place in 1996-1997

  • Beijing to Burma with Carla King Ride along the China Road on an extraordinary adventure by motorcycle

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