Bedfordshire Bobbin Lace Edge
Bedfordshire Bobbin Lace Collar
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Bobbin Lace

Bedfordshire Bobbin Lace Corner I've wanted to make bobbin lace all my life. I can't remember exactly when I first saw it, but I think it might have been on the Captain Kangaroo TV show back in about 1964. Finally, in 1987, I found a lace class at the Emily Griffith Opportunity School in Denver, Colorado. I threw myself into lacemaking with a vengeance.
Torchon Bobbin Lace Mat Starting with Torchon, a very geometric lace with relatively simple working rules, I quickly started filling my sample book with short little pieces of bobbin lace.
Torchon Bobbin Lace Heart Handkerchief But I quickly discovered that there are many different styles of bobbin lace. And one of my very favorites has turned out to be Bedfordshire. If you have a close look at some of my lace, you should be able to easily tell the geometric Torchon lace from the Bedfordshire lace.
Cluny Bobbin Lace Sample There are dozens of styles of bobbin lace, each with its own character and charm. Cluny lace, while sharing many similarities to Bedfordshire, shows distinct differences, and is ideally suited for trimming household linens of all sorts.
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