Bedfordshire Bobbin Lace Collar

Bedfordshire Lace Collar
Bedfordshire lace offers the designer a wide variety of possibilities to create both curving floral designs, or in this case, relatively geometric patterns.

I was very pleased when this collar won 2nd place at the 1994 Colorado State Fair, and I am looking forward to seeing my daughter, Lara, wear it when she's a little bit older.

I bought this pattern from Christine Springett in England. She re-created the pattern from an old lace collar she had purchased, and provided very detailed working instructions. I used 100/2 Fresia linen lace thread, and worked this collar pretty quickly, finishing it in just a few weeks.

The rolled tallies are great fun to make, and really add sparkle to this piece. To make them, simply weave an extra long tally, then roll the whole thing backward and then down around a toothpick or darning needle which is held in place by a couple of pins. Unlike regular tallies, they don't seem to get ratty looking with time.

To keep the outside trail relatively even, it was necessary to add extra pairs of bobbins as it expanded, then throw them back as the trail retreated back in. No darning was required, because the trail is quite dense. After finishing the lace, I simply clipped the loose ends.

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