Lara at the computer, February, 2005
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age 9 1/2 months, March 29, 1996

Lara Elisabeth McClure

Guo Yu Li
Lara's Chinese name - Guo Yu Li

Lara was born in Yangchun, Guangdong Province, China on June 9, 1995. In September, 1995, as I was starting the adoption process in Colorado, Lara's photos and paperwork were being sent to Beijing. After months of waiting, we were given to each other and became a family on March 28, 1996.

Three years later, we left Colorado and headed back to China together, this time to live, teach, and study. We had a wonderful two year adventure in northeast China, made many friends, ate great food, and learned a lot about China and ourselves. Among other things, Lara learned to speak Chinese.

Now, we're back in America, adjusting to a new life and a new culture in southeast Arizona.

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New Photo of Lara (February 20, 2005) - Isn't she the demure and ladylike schoolgirl? (but you can still see the twinkle of mischief in her eyes.) The puppy works for the studio, and the shoes really are 120 years old! I just love this one.

Lara and her shark in Port Aransas (July, 2003) - Taken on a vacation trip with her grandparents. Lara's shark ate up all the other fish in the bucket!

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