Hong Kong
Two Colorado Mandarins - Mama and Me

We arrived in Hong Kong on Saturday night, March 23, 1996, flying low over the city buildings. We had just enough time to change a little money into Hong Kong dollars before all nine families met our Hong Kong representative and headed out to the baggage claim area. We were bussed to the BP International Hotel in Kowloon ($115/night) a beautiful hotel with a very glamorous foyer. Unfortunately, the rooms weren't nearly as fancy. Ours was very tiny, with two single beds, but it was clean and up-to-date.

Sunday, March 24, 1996 - The next morning, my mother and I had a fabulous 7am Dim Sum breakfast in the basement of the hotel. None of the other CCAI families were there, but none of the other customers seemed to mind us taking videos and generally playing tourist. I can't remember a breakfast I ever enjoyed more!

After breakfast, we joined the group for a day tour of Hong Kong. We had prepaid $35/person for this tour, which included lunch. My mother and I had both already been to Hong Kong, and I can't say that either of us were much looking forward to a group tour of a city we already knew. However, before we left home, we pledged that we would not cause any trouble with the group, we'd do everything in our power to get along and not make waves. Our motto was, "JBN" (just be nice). So we ponied up our money, pasted smiles on our faces, and followed our guide.
The Hong Kong Bird Market

We hit the high spots of Hong Kong, visited a lot of souvenir shops, and ate about the worst Dim Sum lunch I have ever had the misfortune of putting in my mouth. But it kept us awake all day, and gave us more opportunity to get comfortable with our traveling mates. And at the jewelry "factory", my mother bought a beautiful little gold pig pendant for Lara. (Lara was born in the year of the pig.)

Afterward the tour ended, Mama and I took the subway to the Jetfoil pier, to check into the possibility of going to Macau by jetfoil. We discovered that it's a very easy process, just buy a ticket and get on the next jetfoil. Unfortunately, Mama hurt her knee climbing all the stairs in the subway on the way back to our hotel and ended up limping back in some pain.

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