A Sidetrip to Macau
Dim Sum Breakfast in Macau

Monday, March 25, 1996 - First thing in the morning, we packed up our luggage, put our big suitcases into hotel storage and checked out. Then had breakfast at the Sheraton with another CCAI family, and ran a few errands (books, CD's) After mailing them off to Colorado, we caught the JetFoil to Macau, arriving in the early afternoon. The ride took only about an hour.

We were very interested to see a Portuguese family with a small Chinese daughter at the terminal. I wanted to tell them that my daughter was only a few dozen miles away waiting for me in China, but I was too shy. In fact, all the time we were in Macau, I was very aware how close we were to Yangchun. And what I really wanted to do more than anything was hire a car and driver and take off for my baby.

Macau is a much smaller, sleepier town than Hong Kong, with a lovely new JetFoil terminal. We changed some money and visited the tourist office there. Then we took one of the many mini-busses across to the west side of town. We had a little trouble finding our hotel, the East Asia, because it was located in one of the tiny little side streets, but it was definitely worth the hunt. We were welcomed very warmly by the staff, and discovered that our $32 room was at least twice the size of our $115 room in Hong Kong. And within a few minutes of our arrival, the floor maid arrived with a gift for us - coffee, tea, and a chocolate bar!
Chinese Lion at A Ma temple

From our hotel, we walked down to the Maritime museum. Along the way, we saw large flat baskets of drying fish laying out on the hot sidewalk. The Maritime museum was beautiful and new, with loads of interesting exhibits and a scale model of Macau. We stayed until closing, then wandered around until the restaurants opened. Of course, we had Portuguese food, and it was wonderful!

Tuesday, March 26, 1996 - We had another great dim sum breakfast in our hotel, then visited the very interesting A Ma temple. We explored Macau, visited the Catholic cemetery, then we took the JetFoil back to Hong Kong. Because it was raining when we returned, we splurged and took a taxi back to Kowloon, which ended up being pretty reasonable.

We got back to the BP International with plenty of time to reclaim our luggage and join the group for our 3pm chartered bus back to the airport, for our short flight to Guangzhou.

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