Leaving for Yangchun

Cleaning the Bus
Thursday, March 28, 1996 - The five families bound for Yangchun packed, checked out of the White Swan hotel and met early in the next morning in the lower lobby. We ended up sitting around quite a while, waiting for folks to get organized. Finally, our agency rep, Mr. Gu, our translator, Tracey, and our bus driver arrived. After cleaning the windows, and packing in all our luggage, we were off and running.

Bus License
Tracey was absolutely great, telling us all about Guangzhou and Guangdong province as we watched the city pass by the windows. She described the sights, taught us Cantonese, and was a marvelous help to us all.

The weather that day was pretty gray and overcast, and Guangzhou was equally gray and not very attractive. But there was certainly a lot going on in the city, and gradually, as we got farther away, green fields began to appear. Although I was nervous and excited about meeting my daughter, I was very pleased to actually be out and seeing the countryside.

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